Integral Solutions

From the diagnosis to the operation of the solution.



In these cases SERTRACEN identifies the problem, selecting the most convenient solution and following up with the implementation of said solution through technology, generating high aggregated value as market specialist in IT (Information Technology)

SERTRACEN’S central comparative advantage is an independent advice of the brands or corporate pressures and over any technological platform.  The independent criterion is a characteristic of the consultants of SERTRACEN.

As a result the customer will have the diagnosis and the recommended solution with the criteria which better adapts to its needs.


This is a complete solution to begin and operate a service in which SERTRACEN assumes the responsibility of the technological integration and administers the project until the end, in order to obtain competitive advantages towards the customer, optimizing the implementation times and the execution of its IT project.

SERTRACEN, assumes the risks and responsibilities of a process or integrated service proposed as solution.

Some examples of our services are:


Integrated service for the issuance, administration, and control of the driver’s licenses of a country, state, or municipality.  Its main objective is the automation of the different steps involved in the final issuance of the license, generating a secure and reliable data base of the universe of drivers.


The service comprises the integral operation of the Vehicle Register of a country and/or state, making sure that all the information regarding the identification of the vehicles and its owners is administered and secured with the highest protection rules, guarantying the judicial security of the information, which could not be arbitrarily modified or altered.