Our Services

Sertracen is a regional company offering its services and products in Central America, Panama, South American Andine and Caribbean Region with the support of strategic partners and allied businesses.

  • Issuance of Driver’s Licenses.
  • Issuance of Passports, Personal Identification Cards, and any other Identification document
  • Operation and Administration of the Vehicle Register
  • Processing and Administration of Infractions
  • Traffic and Transportation Control Systems
  • Access control for buildings and equipments
  • Immigration Security and Control in international borders
  • Management and Control of Personnel
  • Access control through biometric verification
  • Generation of Data Bases with fingerprints AFIS Civil
  • Digitalization of Public Files
  • Digitalization of large volume files
  • Technical review of vehicles
  • Traffic Statistics.
  • Parking Systems and Parking Control
  • Security Ids
  • Intelligent credentials


Market Segments

We offer products and services in different segments of the market.  Public and private:

Public Sector

  • Public Transportation and Traffic Authorities
  • Vehicle Ownership Registration
  • Municipal Governments 
  • Health institutions
  • National Security Agencies such as Immigration, Passports, Civil Register, and Police Institutions

Private Sector

  • Banking sector institutions and Credit and Debit Card issuers
  • Electronic payment network operators
  • Transportation companies and transportation service operators such as Subways, Bus systems with card payment systems and similar